Sunday, January 28, 2007

Boys Will Be Boys

Growing up with two sisters there are just some things that Krista will never understand about little boys. Why does everything, from sticks to toast, turn into a gun? What is the fascination with small cars and mini-soldiers, ALWAYS crashing or fighting? Why do they feel the need to jump from several steps up on our ladder/stairwell, at great risk to life and limb? And why in the world would Saiah put his underwear on his head and run around his preschool class? Well, at least his teach thought it was hilarious. For obvious reasons we will not include a picture with this blog...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Christmas Blur

That week of Christmas was such a blur that I forgot we had pictures! Here I am entertaining the crowds. It was fun to tell new people about the amazing (and somewhat strange) birth of Jesus...especially because there are so many similarities to Mongolian culture. The signs and wonders of Jesus' birth marked a humble yet glorious destiny far beyond even that of Chingis Khan. Long live the King!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Shadows of Dreams

Land of the blue sky...and icy toes. It is now -20s (a mild winter) and I finally pulled out my thick wool socks. I may even need a scarf soon! I like this picture because it sums up our city and much of Mongolia. There is a huge post-communist infrastructure...that flour factory in the distance is HUGE, and very empty. Many of the development efforts are now hollow "monuments to failure," a sign that the Russians forgot to invest in the most important things - people. So many Mongolians continue to set up and survive in their traditional gers, living in the shadows of their industrialized (now computerized) dreams. May God grant Mongolia peace and self-respect as it struggles to become like other nations...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Family Christmas

Once our 2-day "Birth of King Jesus" extravaganza was over we were able to relax in our own home over Christmas break. Of course several of us had colds and our house can be a small space with two boys, but it was a pleasant and refreshing time overall. This is our candlelight carol session (right before the unwrapping frenzy). Now we are back to work and school, with our minds full of exciting goals for 2007 and our hearts full of passion to share our King.