Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mongolian kids

Every year we probably get a little more Mongol... for example we eat some pretty weird foods, have no fashion sense, and have really tiny space cushions! But we get to learn and do a lot of neat things too... like wear cool hats and hang out in round tents,

hone our archery skills,
and eat some pretty weird foods! Isn't the world full of intersting things?! As we get used to the Mongolian things, and bring them back to America with us, some people might think us strange... and maybe we are! Wasn't Abraham a "pilgrim on the earth" and Moses a "stranger in a strange land"? Wasn't Paul made a "spectacle to the world...a fool for Christ"? As for me I am very much looking forward to some of the quirks and flavor we will bring home with us next month!
Please pray for preparations and trip!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our "Big" Girl

Here she is, almost 4! She sure is growing up... although you can't tell it much from her height. I think she is still wearing some 2T clothes!! But she is chattering away - in BOTH languages - and twirling her way around the house. Notice also how she manages to get chapstick or even make-up from any female within a 20-foot radius.
Every once in awhile she gets a bit tired from her busy schedule... the other day she even fell asleep at the snack table!