Monday, February 15, 2010

Cookie Monsters

It's the "White Moon" here in Mongolia, and that means food, food, food! Zeke made a plan several days ago for how many homes he would visit and how many bodz (meat dumplings) he would eat at each place. The first day he ate 24... and that was just between lunch and dinner! Saiah almost kept up with him, but paid for it in the bathroom the next morning... that didn't slow him down any the next day, though! My other favorite thing is the fried flat bread, which they stack in odd layers (and won't let you eat until AFTER the White Moon). So we got ourselves a stack-topper to snack on in the meantime. It's about the biggest cookie I have ever seen!

Eden is loving it too. She is up and ready to go with her boots on each morning saying, "when can we go, when can we go?!" She is a bit of twirp with her food, though, always snatching candy off of the bread stack and eating all of the meat out of her dumplings...