Sunday, April 22, 2007

Family Picture Time

It's that time again, as we get ready to go back to the States for a couple months... family portrait time. As if it is not hard enough with two active boys, now we also have a TWO-year-old! So we figure 4 out of 5 good smiles is pretty good (what is Zeke doing?!). Here we are, standing in front of our small ger (yurt) church in Tosgon (a rural suburb of Darhan, in northern Mongolia). It's certainly a long ways from the US of A!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Birthday fun

It has been a month of birthdays...first Saiah and Eden, then Zeke, and now Krista. Of course they got wonderful packages from the States (except Krista, she got a vacuum from the market)! And no, Zeke did not get a new little brother...that's Isaiah in his new personalized carry-on. He's quite the world traveler! And they are all VERY excited to be going back to "America" to see their grandparents (and fastfood is probably somewhere near the top of the list too).