Monday, July 11, 2011

Local exploration

Our family went on kind of a backyard expedition this Saturday. Out past our Hovd airport is a famed local hill, on the backside of which are well-known petroglyphs. So we grabbed the blue russian van (iVan) and our notebooks to go and document them. At first we parked and climbed right past the ancient pictures... there aren't many signs or bulletin boards for tourist information!

On our way back down the mini-mountain we descended right through a cluster of petroglyphs - mostly of simple mountain goats, with a few deer. The boys started drawing every single one but eventually quit (either because there were too many OR they all looked about the same). It was kind of like a historical egg hunt. To finish the day with some drama, our van wouldn't start... so we utilized the good old-fashioned family push-start to get the van turned around and rolling slightly downhill (it was close!). Another successful adventure!

Summer holiday

Ahh, the bright break of summer holiday in Hovd. Although Krista has continued some schoolwork and gardening, she has also found some time to relax in the dependable sunshine of western Mongolia and enjoy our front lawn. It may not be much, but it is enough for toes and the upkeep isn't too tough!

We missed the 4th of July this year - fireworks and roasting marshmallows down by the river - but grandma Adiad brought a nice goathead over for roasting! The boys joined in with a couple of legs, hoofs and all, and quite enjoyed themselves! Not so good on hershey's and graham crackers, however...