Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Season

March and April are the birthday season for our family and team (not to mention the Kazakh New Year... blog forthcoming)! Unfortunately we have been without a working camera lately (soon to be remedied on Krista's birthday), so thanks to Zeke for these great birthday photos!

First was Eden's birthday - already 6! She got a big pink birthday cake and LOTS of presents and some dandy hand-made birthday cards. Presents included dolls and chapstick and anything pink, and she walked around for days afterwards asking how cute everyone thought she was. Here is a Mongolian doll that we have been saving for her since we brought her into our family 4 years ago...

Next was Saiah - now 8. His birthday included a sunny hike to the Children's Park with lots of friends and ice cream cones... hey, it was almost above freezing so why not?! Kids were all over the trees (wow, a park with real trees!) and statues of livestock, which seemed to be quite more fun than the weird "exercise equipment."

Then it was off to dinner, one of the only real restaurants in town, with presents and lots of kids "flirting" with the table of English-speaking ladies across from them. After that is has just been a flurry of more birthdays - Marvin, Eli, Krista Lain, Zeke next week, then our Krista!