Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer camping 1

Our first camping trip for August started out with an exciting "shortcut" over mountains and streams... this one included a ferry crossing! Although the ferry itself seemed quite sea-worthy, the boarding and de-boarding process was a bit tricky - driving over rickety 2x4s. The trip via backroads was beautiful and perhaps shorter as the crow flies... but we certainly didn't save any time! And a few people wanted to throw up most of the time ;)

There were LOTS of kids (11 out of 17) and plenty of food. Our "western dish" for the day was spaghetti. It was surprisingly damp and cool in the evenings, though our days were fabulous. So the kids spent all day in the nearby stream and then bundled up tight for the night. We also had a race to the top of the mountain which got the blood flowing and a wild game with our football of mongolianized "500."

This was our last special time with Dawaa and Bathoik (our project staff) and their families. I managed to sneak a little bit of work in as we spent a few hours reflecting on the example of the Grameen Bank, and a bit of reflection as we gathered around the evening fire to talk about these last few years and share communion. Camping can be hard work, but God is good and this was definitely worth it!