Thursday, March 30, 2006

Our little worker...

Here am I with my "big girlfriend" (I never use her real name, Orna Ikch). She usually comes to help me out around the house - dishes, sweeping, some laundry. Sometimes she reads books and pretends with me too. I like pretending... sometimes I am Dash (Incredibles), sometimes I am Superman (I even have a suit!), but most of the time I am Bob the Builder. My mom plays a very good "Wendy" and gives me lots of construction jobs to do. All I do is work, work, work!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

strangers in a strange land

Welcome to our community! This is Tosgon (literally "the village"). We live on the far side of this community near the Haraa river (it's knee deep, and muddy). We have about 12,000 neighbors out here, and since the only utility we have is electricity there are always ways to help each other. For example, we figure there are almost 50 families using our water well (which may be frozen much of the winter!). Heating fuel is also a huge need. Some of our neighbors have cows and chickens (fresh milk and eggs!) and vegetables in the summer time, but at least 1/3 of our neighbors cannot find work. There are lots of challenges, but we love this strange land and the tough people with their soft hearts!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy B-day to Me

Isaiah: I'm having lots of fun too, now that I can go outside and play in the dirt! It's my birthday and I'm a big boy now (3!). I can do lots of dangerous things, like jumping from stairs and couches. I have new boxing gloves, magnet letters and a Mr. Potatohead!

While dad's away, boys will play!

Zeke: While dad was in Thailand we had a lot of fun. It has actually been warm here in Mongolia (i.e. above freezing). My friend Maggie got a horse for her birthday ... actually it may be more for her dad. Now I just have to talk my dad into getting me one! She has lots of pictures of Mongolia on her blog at

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Big world, small world

It's a big wacky world where I can snorkel on a beach in Thailand (and burn to a crisp) and my family back in Mongolia gets 3 inches of snow...and that's just Asia! It was a good conference where I had the chance to see how many areas of the Alliance Church work (missions, education, U.S. districts, national office, etc.)...there are sure a lot of neat people doing a lot of neat things for God! It was especially nice to spend time with other "wholistic" workers to hear about their community projects and clarify our ministry goals together. On top of all that was the great Thai food and tropical fruit...but, to be honest, I've been ready to be home for several days already. I miss Mongolia and I really miss my family...I'm pretty sure they feel the same way.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

No place like Home

I am on my way to Thailand for a C&MA leadership conference. I stayed in a beautiful Hyatt hotel, but I can't help but miss my home and family. Who wouldn't want to live in a place like this? You might scold me for leaving my family on the frozen tundra while I relax on a beach resort, as well you should...but I left them with a full tank of drinking water and 10 bags of coal! I tell ya, beaches are nice but there's no place like home. And I like a home that makes me feel like I am a man and that God is truly amazing.