Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dung/cow poo

Dung is dried cow poo that is burned in fires instead of wood.  It is my job to bring it in the house to burn.  It burns hot and fast.  I get it from a pile outside in our yard about once every two days.  This job is kind of gross but it is also fun.

Coal Kids

Last Tuesday we moved as much of the coal as me, Saiah, and Eli could move. It was very heavy but we ended up finishing it that night. Thankfully we didn’t have to move all ten tons; instead the Lains and us split it. So we only had to move four of the tons, now all we have to do is break it down to fist size pieces. But it was fun and I liked that I could help the family.              From: Zeke Fields

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Isaiah's Photo Feast

Our host family fed us 1 night. We had a big feast. We share from a big dish. And we got to use our fingers.  
(note: Isaiah is more of a photographer, as you can see, than an author...)

First Week for Zeke

We recently found a house to rent, though I’ve asked both Mom and Dad I haven’t got an answer if we're thinking about buying it. It is starting to look a lot more like home though and I like it, we also think we have all of our suitcases out of the Lain's. 

We met Hazel and Bob the other day and we're taking care of the lain's cat, but we also got our own kitten in the proses! I believe that’s about it. 
                                                           Sincerely Zeke