Saturday, March 23, 2013

what we've been doing

Sorry we haven’t blogged for a while we’ve been traveling for the past two weeks.  What happened was that when we flew into UB we stayed there that night but the next afternoon we took the three hour ride to Darkhan.  We stayed there for a little less than a week did some school then we drove back to UB stayed in an apartment with the Lains then after about four five days then we drove to the place where we always do prayer retreat and field form it’s in between Darkhan and UB  about an hour and a half from each way we stayed there for the weekend. We got to stay in UB for two more days before getting on the plane back to hovd thankfully the Lains where right behind us so we switched up seats a little. Now we have been here for two days we’ve celebrated Eli’s birthday and stated the Kazak holiday many of us at my house are sick so please keep praying I’ll be shure to post again.   
Thank you,


On the 13th it was my 10th birthday. We were visiting the capital so, we got to eat carrot cake at a fancy Restront. I got a modle airplane from Zeke and a bionical from Edie. My friends got to the capital the day before so I got to celebrate it with them.