Friday, June 29, 2007

More Oregon Fun

Another fun outing this past month was the Enchanted Forest. We met up with some cousins and spent a whole day among the kiddie rides and fairy-tale creatures. It was a LOT of fun even for us big kids (very nostalgic). Eden liked it too, even though she hasn't heard any of the fairy-tale stories yet! Even with the roller-coaster and log-ride I still think the boys liked running around in the Indian cave-maze the best.

We're not in Mongolia anymore...

No, this is not's the Oregon coast! These last couple weeks we have spent a lot of time with our families in some really neat places. Krista's parents live in Reedsport so we spent several days visiting sand dunes, tidepools, and the beach. Then we were off to spend a few days at a hot springs resort in the Cascades. Surrounded by green trees and warmth... we are a long ways from Mongolia!

Friday, June 01, 2007


Travelling with 3 small kids can be a challenge. Especially when it takes 2 car rides, 3 airplanes, a host of metal detectors, and about 30 hours to get home! Thankfully they all did great ... notice we are mostly smiles and only one plane left to fly! Of course real french fries and a grande latte go a long way in making us happy (even if they do cost twice as much in the airport). It is sure nice to finally be "home" for a couple months. We're not in any hurry yet to do the 30-hour trip back to Mongolia!