Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy B-Day x 3

Happy Birthday to Eden and Saiah! 3 and 5, we can't believe it... and Zeke turns 8 in a week or so! We kept our parties small and simple (of course I had a leadership training all that weekend!). Eden got a chocolate cake (American) and Saiah got this frosting bonanza right here in Darhan. Thankfully the weather has been great so they have played outside LOTS! Their favorite toy is the shovel and so far we have a nice big pit right in the middle of garden. We're just happy to have them outside!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Intensity on Ice

Ok, last picture of ice for the year, honest! (Actually I don't have a choice because our long Mongolian winter is apparently over!). We are now officially moving on to Birthday season. Two of Zeke's friends had birthdays recently (the Liberda boys), and they went ice-skating at the nearby homemade rink. It was Zeke's first time and he had a wonderful attitude... he also got lots of advice, like from this young expert. Next week we will celebrate both Isaiah and Eden's birthdays, followed next month by Zeke and Krista! With all of these parties, along with the slushy puddles, tis our season to be jolly...