Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Programs

On the 19th we were a busy family with 2 school programs in one day. We started at Edie's preschool for her class program. This was a variety of children singing/staring at the parents, a short play that included also of prodding by the teachers and our Edie was part of the dance of the snow daughters. Here again, there was a cryer among the girls and constant reminders from the teachers of what was the next move. We were so proud of our girl since she had to be bribed to dance with the required dress, shoes, and hair bows. She is above with her teacher showing everyone how it should be done.
Phew, next one. In the afternoon we had Zeke and Saiah's program. This included games, singing an Australian rendition of Jingle Bells, recorder playing and play staring the oldest girl in the class, Jubilee. Notice the picture of their program, the teacher was busy handing out the words of the next song and absent-mindedly handed Saiah the microphone. His face says it all. He was master of the mic for only about a minute but, he had all the adults roaring with laughter!!
By evening we were exhausted and treated ourselves to dinner out with most all the team in Darhan. What a great day!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter has set in!

So, I know that we usually have cute pics of the kids but for all you folks from the temperate climates, here it is. Our wonderful helper did laundry, yes by hand, and this is what we got home to at 5pm. The trick is to get them brought in the house before the sun goes down and it is really cold. So this time the jeans and sweatshirts dripped, before this week it was warm enough that though frozen the water dripped off before they were brought in.

Note of interest, it takes 4 days for frozen clothes to dry and yes, when you pick them up they are stiff, almost rock hard!