Saturday, January 31, 2009


Every other week or so we keep some strange company... the Lains! We feel so sorry for them in that horribly warm apartment, with all that running water, that we invite them for an overnighter on occasion (plus we usually make lattes when they come!). The kids have a blast even though we confine them to the upstairs (except for Edie who prefers to hang out with adults). It is very nice to spend time talking about our backgrounds (theirs much more interesting than ours!) and our dreams (surprisingly similar!), and get the chance to pray meaningfully with one another. It's all good... well, except for the small lice incident...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Preschool Days

Thanks to good snow this year this is what our school bus has looked like for Edie. On this day I made the mistake of thinking that it would be just as easy to pull Saiah down to the school and then back with Edie, as without Saiah.

Now that the first of the year has come and gone the Hepatitis that was a worry in Saiah's class is gone and he is back at Mongolian preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This gives me much needed time to do other jobs without kids. Yesterday was his first day back and he came out telling me how it was his "best day at preschool ever". Then he continued to tell me how he pested his teacher during the entire time he was to be sleeping. Not a surprise but, I have true sympathy since he does that to me the other three days of the week.

They are both doing well with preschool and Edie even taught me a new word in Mongolian this week, I just wish I could remember what it was!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Snow Daughters"

Here is our adorable little girl. She is all dressed up with her friends for her school program. I know I showed you pictures of their programs before, but these are worth a closer look. It is especially important to know that Edie was sick that day and the only reason I took her to school was so she could be part if the program and then she was a pro!

Merry Christmas

What a Christmas this year! Our holidays must have resembled many of yours it was full of parties. We counted the other day, we were invited or helped plan 8 different Christmas/New Years parties, crazy! We are relieved to say that we did not make it to all, thanks to Jeremy's terrible cold, but those we did make were a good time!

Here is us after the presents had been opened, as always too much good stuff to count. Thanks to all who prayed for us during the holidays. We trust yours were as blessed as ours.