Monday, June 19, 2006

Missionary AND rock star?

Wow, a dream come true. There was an international cultural event last Friday, which included a singing competition (in Mongolian). Luckily, I had a couple of traditional songs up my sleeve! It may not be rock-n-roll, but I must tell you that quite a few people were impressed (and a bit surprised). My Mongolian teacher even called me a "star." Not only do I get to think about God and help people every day, but I get to "work on my music" too! All glory to God!

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Groseys messages said...

G'day from Australia,
I just strolled through your blog site. WoW. You are doing the Lord's workin an amazing place. I've got to say, all the way hrough i kept thinking I praise God He sent you there ( and not me!)!
I'll pray for you today.
Every Blessing,
Steve Grose