Monday, July 24, 2006


Nope, not twins, but there is certainly a resemblance ... especially for Mongolians who think all white people look alike! Zeke is 6 and Saiah is 3, and despite all of the bickering (and bruises) they are pretty good brothers. I'm surprised how much they play together ... and Saiah can almost hold his own in wrestling! Zeke is starting to do "chores" around the house for an allowance. Saiah, on the other hand, has no interest in work of any kind ... what do you expect from a 3-year-old (or 30 for that matter)?

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TCK Ahjumma said...

hey guys.. we're so glad you keep this blog up to date and current. it's great to be able to see the boys as they grow (and you guys for that matter!) i still see zeke as that chubby one year old with curly sandy hair! he's really getting big! and saiah is just too cute for words!