Monday, September 04, 2006

Meeting family

Over the weekend we visited the capital city where we met with our adoption agency worker, Susie. Much to our surprise, Susie took us to meet our daughter Bayasaa ("Buy-suh"). We all got a bit of time to play with her and at lunch time Saiah sat down next to her and asked for his food. Zeke was a bit more stand-offish at first. We were also surprised with the news that we may have first committee approval within the next couple weeks and then we can foster our daughter till the second committee approval comes through! We are thrilled with these developments (even if we did walk around in a daze the rest of that day). Change is coming fast and we could not be more pleased!!


jessandjay said...

WHAT FUN! We've been dying to hear! SOOOO exciting!!!!!!!!!! Love the picture! :)

thelains said...

Wow! How exciting! We share in your joy and thank the Lord for creating such a perfect family!!

Hi from Larry, Krista, and Averiana Lain (praying about serving as CAMA in Mongolia) We are starting an adoption here before we head overseas from Vietnam, but we are wondering if it would be easier to has the process been? Email us at!! Thank you!!!