Friday, April 30, 2010

Last of the Firewood

We had a couple 70-degree days (it didn't even freeze last night!) so we opened and cleaned off our balcony. There were only a couple rounds left of firewood, having given most of it away, so us "men" went ahead and chopped it up. Although we are still burning fires, I was just thinking that we will not be chopping wood again for a LONG time... Hovd, where we will be moving this August, doesn't have any trees!! Nope, next winter we will be burning dung and coal.

Note: no fingers were harmed in the capturing of these photos ;) But there were a few times I didn't care to watch! Saiah didn't look to thrilled either... until he got his own try. Does this story look familiar to any of you who have chopped wood before?...

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